PWAs are web apps that provide native app experiences using a browser

PWAs are web apps that provide native app experiences using a browser

The main purpose of a PWA is to increase the conversion rate, number of users, and usability of web apps on mobile devices.

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The Main PWA Goal

While developing a website and its mobile responsive version, we can quickly create
mobile apps for iOS and Android.

The Main PWA Goal

The PWA + Wrapper is the right choice if:

  • You are a startup company that wants to go-to-market with a web and mobile app: e-shops, on-demand apps, info resources, gambling, etc.

  • You are a company that already has a website and wants to add a Mobile App to be distributed to an even wider user base: e-shops, on-demand apps, etc.

  • You are a company that has little time to launch and is supposed to be multiplatform.

The PWA + Wrapper is the right choice if:

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Pros of PWA + Wrapper


Developing a web app with mobile responsive design via PWA, allows to quickly wrap it into the iOS and Android Apps. The apps will be available to download from Google Play and Apple Store - almost like with native development approach.

Reduced development and support cost

Building a PWA that can operate across multiple platforms is cost-effective. Truly one codebase for all platforms mobile and web means one development team for web, iOS, and Android platforms.

Better Performance

PWA uses the data that the app has cached upon its last interaction with the internet. That allows the app to work faster due to previously uploaded data almost the same as a native app.

Less storage space on the user's device

PWAs employ service workers (scripts a browser will run in a separate browser thread) to manage requests, caching and storing shell data in a cache. This is especially beneficial for businesses that have a catalog.

No updates required

PWAs gets updated like web-pages. You get the latest version when you use. No need to update them every now and then.


You don’t need to create a different solution for each platform, as the same PWA works on both Android and iOS, and it fits any device.

The native approach is the right choice if:

The native approach is the right choice if:

  • You are the technical startup/company that wants to develop a special or custom technology and design animations or AI-based product, specific data visualization or special BLE connectivity, flashlight, touch id, microphone, speakers and camera.

  • You are the company that wants to rework its existing mobile app - to go away from hardcode or unsupportable code.

  • You are the company/startup that wants to rework a prototype/proven concept and fully go the market with a user-friendly and tested product.

  • Speed and responsiveness are key points for the success of your app.

Examples of
Wrapped PWA Apps

Examples of Wrapped PWA Apps